Smart AutoComplete Samples

Please check the source code of this page to learn how these examples were implemented

Example 1

Most basic configuration, with source provided as an Array

Example 2

This widget loads the source list via AJAX from the given URL as the source. Also, forceSelect option is enforced, maxResults is set to 5 and there's a delay of 300ms between requests.

Example 3

With typeAhead option enabled

Example 4

Only shows the best matching suggestion in-field using the typeAhead option and resultsContainer is set to false.

Example 5

In this example, we replace the default filtering algorithm with QuickSilver like filtering algorithm.

Example 6

This implements a Comma-seperated list, with auto-compeltion. To achieve this we need to bind handlers to custom events emitted by the plugin.

You can enter mulitple values seperated by comma

Example 7

Clone of Example 5 which highlights matching portion in results (note the use of resultFormatter option).